Masters of Arts (Organization Development Change and Leadership) – Interview Experience

We talked to another student from the course, Masters of Arts (Organization Development Change and Leadership), to know his interview experience. He is from IT background.

The session started with an extempore round. His first topic was “Reverse globalization” but as he asked to switch topic, he then got “Feminism in India”. 1 minute to collect the points and 2 to 3 minutes to speak was given.

During the interview, following questions were asked from him: –

  1. Questions about the hobbies written in his biosketch.
  2. What is feminism?
  3. What is the value of Labor Participation Index?
  4. What is organization?
  5. Difference between unit and organization.
  6. Your past job experience.
  7. Why you have moved from IT sector to OD area?
  8. Is there any other course you have applied for?
  9. What will you choose if you will get selected for both, ODCL and Analytics?
  10. If you have to choose ODCL, why have you wasted money on Analytics?
  11. How many union territories are there?
  12. If you have to make any changes within yourself, how will you proceed with it?

He said overall it was easy but panelists were cross questioning a lot. Also, they were in a bit hurry. Also they were quite kind.

His overall session was for about 25 minutes.

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