Master of Public Health (Health Administration) – Interview Experience

A student of the course, Health Administration, shared his interview experience with us. He has pursued his graduation in Journalism. Here’s everything about his interview experience.

Extempore topic: “Public Health in Pandemic”

Interview questions are as follows: –

  1. Why not Journalism?
  2. What is marketing in health?
  3. What is HDI?
  4. What program is for prevention of disease?
  5. What is double burden of disease?
  6. Why again audit of Bihar Covid cases?
  7. Life expectancy, life expectancy of India.
  8. Sub center.
  9. Principles and ethics adhere in journalism.
  10. Places of Bihar.
  11. Why Bihar is lagging?
  12. Population of district.
  13. What is cultural barrier of Bihar?
  14. Nalanda University.
  15. Dynasty of Bihar.
  16. Rajgir.
  17. Old name of Bihar.
  18. Why less girl child education?
  19. Questions related to journalism, about report, not fulfilling the goal of journalism, work in pandemic, etc.

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