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Master Of Hospital Administration- Interview Questions

Dr Saachi Matta, a BDS gold medalist from HNB Garhwal University. She is a Dental surgeon at Smilline Dental Clinic and Orthodontic Centre in Dehradun.

Extempore topic: Consent and confidentiality in hospitals (Rahul sir asked me the same thing in the 3rd Mock Interview), I was speaking it and they stopped me in between after 1.5 minutes.

  1. Hospitals in Dehradun
  2. Departments you’ve worked in during internship
  3. What is radiology and how it helps in diagnosis.
  4. Why TISS and what other courses applied for
  5. Situation of hospitals in Dehradun and Uttarakhand
  6. Aspirations and work model as a hospital administrator.
  7. How will you achieve such a work model(I said charitable hospital that does not earn profit from patients but tie ups from organisations)
  8. Qualities of a hospital administrator
  9. How will you ensure out patient and in patient records without any chaos.
  10. Any other college applied for hospital administration(this was a prolonged discussi as I mentioned had converted IIM Jammu and he asked what I’d choose out of the two, I said TISS so he said that IIM has done tie up with AIIMS and IIT so there will be much more opportunities there, I still said TISS so he asked about the fees there and the last date to apply)

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