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Master of Hospital Administration – Interview Experience

Candidate Name- Hemangi Bhange

Course- Hospital Administration

Candidate Profile The candidate has donegraduation in Physiotherapy from KM Hospital. The candidate has a gap of 4 years (UPSC aspirant).

Extempore Topic-Health impact of urbanization

Interview Questions-

  1. Tell us about your background,any work experience.
  2. What are some of the govt schemes related to health?
  3. Explain the scope of health and wellness center.
  4. What all services is health and wellness sector going to offer?
  5. What is euthanasia and its types? (and some counter questions based on it)
  6. Reasons of Hospital infections in the Indian context
  7. What are some of the advancements in the field of physiotherapy over the last decade?
  8. Describe the role of physiotherapy in public health.

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