Master Of Health Administration – Interview Experience

Tata Institute of Social Sciences has started its interview round today for all the courses.

We interacted with one of the students from Masters of Health Administration to know her experience and the way she was evaluated.

There were three panelists for the evaluation.

Session started with an extempore part, where she was assigned with a topic. Her topic was “Challanges of healthcare managers”.
According to her, she was provided with one minute to prepare on the topic and a time of minimum 3 minutes and maximum 4 minutes to put her point of views.
The permission to jot down the points in a piece of paper was granted. But the switching of topics were not allowed. If one wishes to change the topic, he or she cannot move back to the previous topic.

According to her, the interview questions were personalised and was related to one’s chosen course. It consisted of current affairs and course related questions. As she was from Homeopathy, these are few questions asked for the interview of MPH:

  1. What is your take one recently launched immunobooters.
  2. During the covid period, many Homeopath treatments have been launched in the market, what is your opinion on that?
  3. What is the news you heard other than covid, recently?
  4. What is the role of homeopathy in treating covid and other types of infections?

They were also interlinking the questions. For example, she answered with unemployment for the third question to which they questioned further that ” how will you connect unemployment with healthcare system?”

The interviewers were also asking certain abstract questions like:

What is system?
What is public health system according to you?

They also asked her experience related to her professional field.

They asked her where does she visualises herself after graduating from TISS.

The panelists created a calm environment initially by asking few personal questions. For instance, they asked her where does she belongs to, how is the weather there, what you like the most about your city, etc.

They also asked questions related to the DAF for OA.

The interview carried out for 30 to 35 minutes altogether.

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