Master of Arts (Development Studies)

On the 4th day of TISS Interview, we talked to one of the candidates of Development Studies and got to know his interview experience.

With three panelists to evaluate, his first extempore topic was “True meaning of secularism”, but as he was not comfortable with this topic, he asked for another one and then got “Role of women in economic development”. He said that they were understanding as they allowed him to switch the topics after giving the second one.

His interview questions are as follows: –

  1. As you are from chemistry background, why do you want to switch to development studies?
  2. Many questions related to DAF?
  3. Apart from gender disparity, what other inequalities women face?
  4. Question related to caste and class.

His interview was for about 30 minutes.

Start Your OPI & Extempore Course with TISSNETPrep

One Course

Rs. 2999
  • Interview Classes
  • Three Mock Interviews
  • Course Specific Content
  • DAF(Detailed Application form) Class
  • DAF Evaluation (One on One)
  • 2 Extempore Classes
  • 5 Extempore sessions

Two Course

Rs. 4499
  • Interview Classes
  • Five Mock Interviews (3+2)
  • Course Specific Content
  • DAF(Detailed Application form) Class
  • DAF Evaluation (One on One)
  • 2 Extempore Classes
  • 8 Extempore sessions

Three Course

Rs. 5499
  • Interview Classes
  • Seven Mock Interviews (3+2+2)
  • Course Specific Content
  • DAF(Detailed Application form) Class
  • DAF Evaluation (One on One)
  • 2 Extempore Classes
  • 10 Extempore sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How will I get the course material ?

Course content will be made available on our website portal.Access to those will be given after the student enrol in the course.

What is DAF Class?

Detailed Application Form(DAF) is the form  the aspirant submit to to TISS after they clear the cut-off which gives the complete brief of candidature and interest ,reason to join the course & work experience (if any). As it is the steering wheel of your interview.Classes will be conducted classes to help  student  write a good DAF.

How will the classes be conducted?

Classes will be conducted live on secret Youtube Streaming,Zoom or GMeet according to the schedule shared prior to the class.  The classes will be recorded so that students can watch it later if they miss or they want to go through it again.  Live classes for Interview Preparation and Extempore will be conducted.

What is DAF Evaluation?

Apart from conducting classes for DAF,evaluation of DAF draft will be done  live on one-on-ne basis and required correction and improvements will be suggested. Once, the final draft is ready , we will re-evaluate and then give you heads-up for submission to TISS.

What is Extempore Session?

Extempore is a speech given at the spur of the moment without any prior preparation. Candidates will be given  few minutes given to prepare for a topic. You will get 5 Extempore chances to make you accustomed with it with evaluation. 
Note: Extempore has 20% weightage in final selection

What is offered in One to One personal Mentorship Assistance?

Interview & Extempore preparation is journey that students will closely cover with TISSNETPrep. Many a times students feel the need to discuss their issues & inhibition for their good preparation. Our team will be available to help students  with one-on-one interaction.

I am not sure of selection but i expect my marks somewhere the predicted cut offs. Should I join before the result?

You can join the course with our consultation. If one didn’t get through in TISSNET cut-off , we will refund you 70% of the fees. The student will be asked to show their selection/rejection form.

What is the benefit in joining the course before the result?

Join the course with our consultation with expected marks and cut-off for the course  opted for. As Interview and Extempore is a subjective preparation, students will get more time to enhance their knowledge with guidance and also to improve your coherent speaking on subject matter/topic.

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