Master of Arts (Development Studies) – Interview Experience

As soon as he entered into the session, he was assigned with an extempore topic called “Corona and Digitalization”. There were three panelists to evaluate and the time duration was as usual.

As he finished, they started his interview round. Following are the questions aske to him: –

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Define inclusive development.
  3. What are the indicators of inclusive development?
  4. Are you aware of the research methodology?
  5. Define intersectionality?
  6. Out of Political Science, History and Economics, which is your favorite subject?
  7. If you have to frame a policy, which should be taken into consideration – the economical device or social device?
  8. Development is not inclusive. Reflect on this topic.
  9. What capitalism and relation between capitalism and patriarchy?

He said that the questions were out of his comfort zone but the panelists managed to calm him down and were cooperative.

The entire interview was for about 25 minutes.

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