MA Public Policy and Governance – Interview Experience

A candidate from the course, Public Policy and Governance shared her experience of appearing in the TISS interview. She did her graduation from Law.

There were three panelists. They started the interaction by general introduction.

The first topic which was assigned to her for her extempore was ” Patent rights on medicines”. As she was not very sure about this topic and demanded for another one, she was then provided with another topic which was, “Social acceptance of the LGBTQ community”. She was given 1 minute to prepare and minimum 2 minutes and maximum 3 minutes to speak. After completing extempore, they started the interview round.

  1. Since you have commerce and law background, why do you want to go for public policy?
  2. Your opinion about data privacy or why is it important?
  3. Your opinion about FCRA Act.
  4. What is your opinion about the government changing its funding policy for NGOs and all?
  5. Are you okay in working with data and statistics, as we will be teaching about these things in this course?
  6. What is Freight Corridor?
  7. Why did you take this course instead of going into mainstream law and commerce field?

Each panelists asked two questions. They didn’t ask her about DAF. According to her, they were most focused on her law background and majorly asked questions related to that.

She mentioned that the panelists were very accommodating and welcoming. They tried to make her feel comfortable throughout.

Her entire interview was for about 15 minutes.

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