MA in Social Entrepreneurship – Interview Experience

We talked to a student of Social Entrepreneurship and got know her experience of the interview.

Three panelists were there to evaluate her. Her extempore topic was “Technology and innovation for handicrafts and artisans”. 1 minute to prepare and 3 minutes to speak was provided to her.

After extempore session, her interview round started. Her questions are as follows: –

  1. What is your current profile? Where are you working?
  2. Are you enjoying your job?
  3. Why you want to join this course?
  4. Do you have any idea about the curriculum of this course?
  5. Tell us about some social entrepreneurs from Rajasthan.
  6. About Amul. (She mentioned about it in her DAF)
  7. What challenges women face in starting the social entrepreneurship?
  8. Does parent support or not?
  9. How will you fund your startup?

She said that the panelists were cross questioning. But they were very good and cooperative. They made her feel very comfortable.

The entire interview was for about 25 to 30 minutes.

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