M.A. Women’s Studies – Interview Experience

A girl from the course, Women’s Studies, shared her interview experience with us. She has done her graduation in B.Sc. (Biology). Here’s her experience.

Extempore topic: “What women faced during pandemic”

Questions asked to her during interview are as follows: –

  1. How have you prepared for this Interview?
  2. What are you changing your field from biology to this course?
  3. What laws are made for women in Rajasthan? (as she is from Rajasthan)
  4. About domestic violence.
  5. Your views on housemakers should also be paid salary.
  6. Which women centric movie have you watched recently? What have you understood from that?
  7. About harassment at workplace.
  8. What is patriarchy?
  9. Your views on patriarchy and matriarchy.
  10. What is feminism?
  11. In villages, does women still deliver kids at home or hospital facilities are provided now?
  12. What is the distance of a hospital from your village?

About panelists, she said that they were very calm and interactive. It was more like an interactive session than an interview.

Her interview was for around 45 minutes.

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