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Interview Experience – Social Entrepreneurship

The candidate is a civil engineer graduate from M.S Ramaiyah, Bangalore. He has worked as site engineer and later as survey manager in political consulting firm. In between these job roles he had a stint of working in an EV Startup which failed.

Extempore Topics : Why Startups are failing in India

1.Tell us about yourself

2.Reasons for failure of your startup ( the candidate worked with his friend in a startup) , discussed in details.

3.Why do you want to join the course of Social Entrepreneurship?

4. Issues of socio-economic issues of the state(Jharkhand)

5.what isEstimation and Costing (He is a civil engineer)

6.He works as survey manage in Electoral Process of consulting (asked this role and honest in the process)

7.Why middle class are not able to afford electric vehicles and how it can be mitigated.

8. What possibility of SE in Jharkhand apart from mining. (He hails from the same state .He mentioned about silk production)

9.What is social innovation? With examples.

10.Applied for what other courses in TISS?

11.Reasons of career switch.

12.Why TISS? (Explained about the course curriculum)

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