Human Resource Management – Interview Experience

Another candidate from HRM shared his interview experience with us. He has done Mechanical Engineering. He has a work experience of 33 months as a project lead in Honda manufacturing plant. Here’s his experience.

Extempore topic: “Role of IT in Indian economy”

Following questions were asked from him during his interview round: –

  1. What are the challenges of HR in manufacturing factory?
  2. Take an example of HR in IT company or just general and IT company and compare it with HR in manufacturing.
  3. What can be done to improve the Labor Union condition in your company?
  4. I understood your approach and your mind is very much clear about your aim. So, tell me if you go back to Honda, how will you solve the problem?
  5. If the issues taken by top and mid management, you won’t get credit for it?
  6. Your take on Trade Unions and tell management and worker’s point of view as well ?
  7. What three things you want to change in the organization as a HR?
  8. Is your role in the company technical?
  9. Tell me what are the qualities necessary for management?
  10. What does current HR lacks in the manufacturing industry and what need to improve?
  11. Which company are you willing to join post your masters?
  12. Tell me how will HR degree will get u to the top. Do you know anyone who has made to the top via HR?
  13. But why HR only?

His interview went for about 30 minutes.

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