HRM&LR – Interview Questions

GEM-CHEMICAL Engineer, ACADS: 9/9/8
Work Ex- 41 Months Byjus Aakash (Chemistry Lecturer)
Three panellists F1-Dr Sasmita Palo, F2-Dr Savitri Kulkarni, M-3-Dr Arjun Khetri
Greetings and Good mornings
I mentioned I am an avid reader of fiction, which made the interview so interesting.
F1- Extempore topic: Flexible Work Hours are Killing Weekends
F1- Can you name some famous Chemical Engineers? Who is J. Davis? (Answered)
F1- Who is the most famous chemical engineer who shaped science and architecture in India? (Was not able to answer)
F1- Why Hrm? ( I responded and also mentioned AI Chatbots which I worked on with the HR Department)
F1- She asked will AI take over HR Jobs? (Answered easily, was prepared for this question)
F1- Which genre of fiction? We will come back to your favourite author George RR Martin.
F2- Can you please tell me some Labour Codes? ( Gave all four Labour Codes)
F2- Can you please elaborate on Occupation Safety, and Health Code? (Answered with an example of Maternity benefits and Leave amendment)
F2- She also asked who the current CHRO of Aakash is?
M3- Hi Candidate you mentioned fiction? What kind please elaborate? ( Answered)
M3- How did you prepare for this interview? (Answered with an example on curriculum)
M3- Can you tell me some HR theories? ( I gave three Herzberg in detail, and also mentioned McClelland and Maslow)
M3- Have your read the book Ikegai? (I said I have heard about it about but not read it)
M3- Tell me some important elements of fiction?
M3- Can you tell me the difference between a plot and a story? (Answered)
F1 took over and here is when things got exciting
F1- How many Game of Thrones seasons are there?
F1- Which seasons do you like and which season was not well received?
F1- What are some of the controversies the show generated? Specifically, she mentioned Cersei and Jaime’s incest
F1- Does the show only cater to men?
I Answered all the above questions confidently
Last question: F1- Why you?
Then any questions for us by F2
What an experience. Chill Panel and no grilling. This was something truly memorable.

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