How to prepare for TISSNET/TISSMAT in last 10 days

Many of you must be preparing for TISSNET for past 3-4 months and there would be many of you who have just started after CAT or even after SNAP etc. This blog will be helpful for both the groups. I will try to list all important topic for GK , so that those who fall in the former group dosen’t miss it and those in later group ,complete atleast these topics.

1. Current Affairs – Try to complete the Current Affair of all the months from January to December. Enrolled students must follow the given course material or can enroll in the course for the same.
Following topics in Current Affairs shall never be missed/skipped.

  • Sports news
  • Important Awards and Honours
  • New Books launched.
  • Achivievement in science.
  • Death and work of social activist,personalities who have achieved emminently in Art & Culture.
  • New bills/ amendement
  • Judgements

Following articles from the blog should never be missed.
1. Important Bills passsed in 2019-

2. New Geographical Identification Tag –

3. Hong Kong Protest –

4. Transgender Bill –

5.Mission Shakti –

6. Lokpal –

7. Nobel Prize Winners-

8.Citizenship Amendment Act –

9.Amazon Rain Forest –

10 NRC in Assam –

11.RTI Amendment –

12. Chandrayaan II –

Some more important topic will be added with links in the above list. So you can bookmark this blog link till your TISSNET exam

Current Affairs in whatever stretch is finite but STATIC GK is very troubling for many of you, specially those who weren’t too good in social studies in their high schools. As we have very limited time and with all past year paper analysis, following are the topics one must do OR one should never leave when preparing for TISSNET. Atleast one questions are definitely asked from the below listed topics. All the materials for the same is well arranged in our TISSNETPrep course

  1. Socio-Religious Movement & Reformers in India (Enrolled Students follow the course material)
  2. Dates and happening of all the events in India Freedom Struggle(1885-1947) –
  3. Tribes – Just don’t remember the tribe and region name but any specialities about that tribe too. Questions aren’t so direct.
  4. Political Terminologies and their meaning –
  5. Environmental laws/legilation/ptotocols and summit-
  6. Umemployment and its types-
  7. Labour laws and Regulation with Acts
  8. Important Schemes for Women
  9. Important Schemes for Children
  10. Important Educational Schemes
  11. Important Books and Authors – Check out the videos on Youtube Channel
  12. Basic of India’s Economy
  13. Landmark Judgments
  14. Polity – Citizenship,Fundamental Rights,Important Articles, Fundamental Duties
  15. Writs in Indian Constitution
  16. Different Types of Markets –
  17. Important economic theories
  18. World History – Date of Important wars/treaties and its significance.
  19. Basic Indian Geography and various projects on rivers
  20. Latest Census of India.
  21. Dance & Music and their Emminent Performers.

All the above topics are given in the TISSNET-TISSMAT course which is at 50% OFF with 5 TISSNET & 5 TISSMAT Mocks for just RS. 499

TISSMAT has been introduced for the first time from this year, seeing its sample paper the syllabus and content for Business Awareness,TISSMAT may not trouble much.

Following are the topic that one must do for TISSMAT

  1. Business Terminologies –
  2. Importand Indicies and the organisation which releases these indices,rank of India and best performing countries.
  3. Important Mergers & Acquitions
  4. Important Economic Terms

Let’s Talk about Mocks
As GK is a major portion for TISSNET/TISSMAT exam,just taking mocks will not help a lot,because covering the entire GK in 200-400 Questions of mock in not at all possible.So,why should one take Mocks??

Mocks for TISSNET/TISSMAT will only help to gauge your current preparation and simulate your question solvin speed in exam and set a better strategy for the same. is offering complete course at 50% OFF. Check the course.All the material is very selectively made for TISSNET.

1.Course Material (TISSNET+TISSMAT) + 10 Mocks – 499

2. Course Material (TISSNET) + Mocks – 349

3. TISSNET+TISSMAT(10 Mocks) Mocks – 249

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