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CODP – TISS Interview Experience

Aishwarya Jadhav is a student at TISS’s online diploma course in social entrepreneurship program. She has done B.E in computer science from MIT Pune.

Panel was cooperative, friendly, ensured I was comfortable before starting the OA.
Extempore: Online teaching has the potential to improve literacy and quality of education
Interview questions:
All questions on DAF
I’m from Sangli, so asked which belt is Sangli part of? How does this belt compare to other regions?
Importance of community organisation from my perspective
Comment on involvement of corporate platform for social cause
I have martial arts so, how does it compare to my social profile? Reason to take it up

Panel 2: How will you use technology in social sector
Panel 3: Technology is equitably accessible, comment on this. (Question was built on my answer for prev panel)
Cyber security (sub in BE) what needs to be done in terms of this
What is multiculturalism for you? How is it imp?
Panel 1 again:
Why did you do course on Terrorism?
Terrorism in India
Is Pune suffering from Terrorism?

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